Cerbero-7B: A Leap Forward in Language-Specific LLMs Through Enhanced Chat Corpus Generation and Evaluation
Federico A. Galatolo, Mario G.C.A. Cimino
This study introduces a novel approach for generating high-quality, language-specific chat corpora using a self-chat mechanism. We combine a generator LLM for creating new samples and an embedder LLM to ensure diversity. A new Masked Language Modelling (MLM) model-based quality assessment metric is proposed for evaluating and filtering the corpora. Utilizing the llama2-70b as the generator and a multilingual sentence transformer as embedder, we generate an Italian chat corpus and refine the Fauno corpus, which is based on translated English ChatGPT self-chat data. The refinement uses structural assertions and Natural Language Processing techniques. Both corpora undergo a comprehensive quality evaluation using the proposed MLM model-based quality metric. The Italian LLM fine-tuned with these corpora demonstrates significantly enhanced language comprehension and question-answering skills. The resultant model, cerbero-7b, establishes a new state-of-the-art for Italian LLMs. This approach marks a substantial advancement in the development of language-specific LLMs, with a special emphasis on augmenting corpora for underrepresented languages like Italian.